played by felicity jones, head of administration for the wizengamot. est. contact x

Carwen Myfanwy Selwyn


DATE OF BIRTH (AGE) 11 November 1947 (31)

PLACE OF BIRTH Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales

CURRENT RESIDENCE High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

EDUCATION Ravenclaw House, Class of 1966, Slug Club

OCCUPATION Head of Administration for the Wizengamot

WAND Hawthorn, unicorn hair, 9ΒΌ inches


PATRONUS Rottweiler


ALLEGIANCE Death Eater Sympathizer

Carwen Selwyn always shook with the cacophony of screams, starting first on 11 November of 1947. Born to an English wizard, Uther Selwyn, and his Welsh wife, Eiddwen Driscoll, the family settled in Pembrokeshire to be closer to Eiddwen's family whom were quickly fracturing due to blood traitors, an arrangement that was to be fixed with the marriage into the deeply pure bloodline of the Selwyns. Life was blissful as England and Wales restructured after the Muggle wars until Eiddwen's untimely death at the hands of Muggles who caught her performing an Umbrella Charm for her six-year-old daughter. Uther murdered all five Muggles in a rage and was shipped to Azkaban for the remainder of his life. This incident bred a storm of injustice and Muggle-loathing Carwen took care to nurture in her teenage years. This was also the first time Carwen's power as a Seer revealed itself.

Once her father left, she moved to High Wycombe to finish her studies with the Death Eater-riddled Selwyns. At Hogwarts, she exhibited disappointment by being assigned to Ravenclaw, though this was quickly forgotten when she excelled at her studies beyond her years. A penchant for mischief with her other half, Faizel Shafiq, and bullying Muggleborns never landed her a coveted prefect spot, but it did earn her way to the Slug Club and the promise of a marriage to one of the purest families in England. Her abilities as a Seer were least frequent during this period of her life, one of her happiest due to the companionship of her best friend and a sterling purist future. At the age of 17, she began to train to become a Death Eater, promising that she would join and become socialite royalty with her marriage to Elliot Tourret. At the age of 17 is also when her relationship to Faizel fractured, triggering a cold war set to last near a decade.

She tried to bear this no mind once the power couple status was cemented, despite the arrangement unraveling quickly. Shortly after their wedding, Elliot began to pull away from Carwen, and thus began the longest eight years of her life. Increases in visions rose as tensions in their marriage ballooned, coinciding with her prolonged absence from Faizel; visions directly involving Elliot joining the Order, the bloodshed of her friends, and her failure at securing the perfect family her parents couldn't keep. When Elliot finally left her, Carwen quit all hopes of faithful allegiance to the Death Eaters and became a recluse at 25. For a good two years, she only showed up to work at the Ministry of Magic, eventually becoming the youngest Head of Administration for the Wizengamot at 26, a passion she harbored due to what she viewed as injustice for her father's vengeance.

She caught a streak of luck when her friendship with Faizel rekindled after the self-imposed exile. The brief bliss didn't last long when he defected publicly, leaving her with a torn moral compass and another unwelcome period away from him as he built an anti-Voldemort rebellion slowly across the UK, Europe, and America. At the age of 31, she's become more neutral in how she views the tensions in the wizarding world due to this. Nevertheless, she still remains loyal to the strength of her Selwyn relations as well as exonerating Death Eaters as often as possible. However, her attachment to Faizel and his work with Muggles (as well as the seeds of dissent her ex-husband sowed) has her incapable of committing fully to a cause she thinks abandoned her parents, her marriage, and the filial life she's always wanted, particularly with her best friend beside her. Only three things seem to be growing stronger for Carwen as time passes: her abilities as a Seer, her connection to Faizel, and her resolve to repay her father for his sacrifice in whichever way seems appropriate.